Today you are one step closer to finding a place within yourself where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well being. My goal is to walk with you on your path to finding solutions to challenging circumstances in your life; I can be someone to help you notice the parts of you that may be getting in the way of you reaching your goals, and to move with compassion towards a broader understanding of yourself and your challenges. As one of my favorite teachers says, the secret is to find the gold that is underneath our old patterns and beliefs.

“I love helping people find their best selves.”

What to expect in a counseling session

If this is your first counseling session, please be assured that my role is to provide a safe and confidential setting in which you will be able to discuss your concerns. I have some training, but you are the expert on you. My role is to collaborate with you to find solutions. I will ask you to complete some online forms prior to our first session to help me get to know you and better understand the reasons for your call.

The first session, called an intake session, is not typically therapy. In the first session, I will be gather information from you that will guide me in my understanding of you, including your previous counseling experiences, medical, historical, and relational information. The intake session typically takes 1.5 hours and helps us formulate a goal and a plan for subsequent sessions. Depending on the issue presented, regular weekly sessions are usually recommended to support your progress and discuss any challenges that have come up between sessions.


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"Claudia provided me with guidance, empathy, comfort and sympathy as I navigated grief and loss. I chose IFS therapy with Claudia and I am so grateful for the skills I learned to identify triggers and how to work with them. These are priceless skills and I am so grateful! Claudia is a gift! I highly recommend Claudia’s services!"
- EK